Cat vs Metronome

For those of you who detest working with ol’ metro, this is for you. I enjoy the McTwitchersons action.

A close call

Dear Friends, I lead a very good life. I would generally say that I am upbeat, resilient, and able to cope with the painful and stressful stimuli that present themselves to me from time to time. That is, until yesterday. You see, yesterday held in store for me something so awful, such a betrayal of […]

Two years!

I am in the absolute throes of book finishing right now. I hope you are patient enough (and that this blog and my site have been compelling enough) to wait and see the transformation I have planned for the whole blog/site/store in the coming weeks. I have been blogging for 2 years, now. Cool. Ok, […]

so not about cello

It’s about time for a cat post. Please to meet Maru, the cat who loves boxes.

the story of Grey

With the move, we left the sweet Greyster to reign as king of Encino hills while we toil in the flats once more. The only thing that quiets the pangs of missing him is to recall an evening not too long ago, where Grey strolled into the yard, sat at the corner of the pool, […]

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