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  1. hehehhehehehehh ahhh if only my dogs were at witty as your cat – all they can think is “sleep, sleep, sleep, walk, sleep, FOOOOOOOOOOD!, sleep, sleep”. their diaries will never be as interesting!

  2. JL: I think she’s on life 4. She is so sweet, like an old soul yet is a little…weird. Does 30 mins of battle each afternoon with the water dish. Paw in, paw out. Paw in…tap tap tap, paw out. Also gave her 2 dry foods (the new bag had a sample in it) and she could not choose, so she sat between them, unable to eat either. Wonder if she’s a Libra.

    Hannah: Cats are definitely more scheming than dogs, from what I get.

  3. Did you or GGP see the post at allthingsstrings a few weeks ago where the teacher of adult students said that 80 percent of her students own cats? 80 percent! I’m beginning to think that’s why I don’t sound better — I don’t have a cat.
    I’m kicking myself now because I didn’t bookmark the quote and now I can’t find it. I hope y’all saw it at the time.
    I wonder how many of your students are cat owners, or how many of the readers of this blog?

  4. It’s actually Janice Rhoda, who wrote the “ABCs of series”, and she’s written them for all the stringed instruments (except Bass, AFAIK)

  5. Maybe cats are popular as pets for cellists because catgut used to be used for string instruments. 😛

    Don’t get upset. It wasn’t really catgut!

    I’d have a cat too if my apartment would allow it and if I hadn’t developed a mild allergy to cat hair.

    My hubby’s the dog person.

  6. I noticed tenorclef’s comment about the cats and had to leave the one I thought about leaving before.

    I have a theory. I love cats. I think it comes with the territory. As tenorclef writes, it seems cellists love cats. I am a cellist, therefore love cats. I am also a librarian, which also lends itself to cat parenting. I must conclude, if it weren’t for the fact I’m allergic to cats, I would inevitably become a “cat lady” and have dozens and dozens of them! Now, I have not yet considered that parenting a cat would help my playing…hmmmm

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