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Things have been quiet here, but behind the scenes, I’ve been working furiously. The remainder of 2024 is set to be a

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Emily Wright has been a professional musician, writer, and educator for over two decades. BM, cello performance, CSUN. MS. Ed., Johns Hopkins.

Emily’s formative instructors were Catherine Graff, Ronald Leonard and Hans Jorgen Jensen, whose influence is at the heart of her approach to practice, lessons, and performance.

Emily Wright is an amazing cello teacher and musician and I would recommend her to anyone interested in playing the cello. When I met Emily, I was a returning adult student and it was critical for me to find someone who had very solid technique as well as a wide breadth of experience. Emily was perfectly suited in both areas. Her intuitive grasp of my needs, goals and expectations led to amazing developments in my playing. She combines tried-and-true practice methods, careful attention to technique and an amazing low-pressure attitude to create an unparalleled learning environment. Most importantly, Emily’s true heart for teaching can be seen in the individual attention she gives to each one of her students and their respective lessons. Thanks to Emily, I’m now pursuing a masters degree in cello performance!
Jeremy B.
Los Angeles

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