Young beginners are accepted from the age of 6. Emily’s approach combines cello technique with general music training, which leaves the student in good stead regardless of whether they continue with the cello or decide to change to another instrument after the initial trial period. Music reading is taught from day one. As for youngsters who already play and want to advance in their orchestras, the usual technical approach is supplemented by solo works, scales and studies.

For the middle to high school student who wants to prepare for college, intensive hands-on guidance is very important. Emily encourages and prepares her students for auditions, recitals, competitions, and music festivals. While these are not mandatory, they are extremely valuable, and help turn a player into an artist. They also introduces the student to the conservatory atmosphere that is the hallmark of a solid college music program. Parents are expected to take students to see plenty of live music as part of this curriculum.

Adults, whether absolute beginners, amateur veterans, or those returning to the cello after a long absence can expect to realize any of their musical aspirations, so long as they maintain a solid schedule of lessons and practice. At any one time, several of Emily’s adult students are playing in orchestras, bands, and chamber groups around the country. Others still have made career changes and went on to pursue degrees in music and now play professionally. One thing that separates Emily from many other teachers is that she does not subscribe to the idea that one has to be born with the cello in hand in order to make it a substantial and meaningful part of life. For those considering starting lessons as an adult, John Holt’s book, “Never Too Late” is a fantastic starting place. Emily’s own text, “A Modern Cellist’s Manual” is available here, and was designed with adult students in mind.

Click here to inquire about lesson availability. One-time consults are also available for players working through injuries or pain.

A single trial lesson is $75 for 60 minutes. If accepted into the studio, monthly tuition for 60 or 45 minute lessons is due on or before the 1st of the month. Students experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to inquire about scholarships or lessons with one of  Emily’s advanced long-term students.