For those of you who detest working with ol’ metro, this is for you.

I enjoy the McTwitchersons action.

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7 Responses

  1. 1. That cat follows the beat with his tail as well as I often do with my cello.

    2. The right stroke is a hair faster than the left stroke. It's making me crazy. No wonder they killed it!

  2. That is hilarious. I need to watch it again to make sure — was it the twitchy cat that killed the metronome or the other one??

  3. I once saw an African wildcat — the ancestor of the modern housecat — kill a cobra by whacking it on the head repeatedly in the exact same way.

    I should rephrase that just for emphasis — I saw a cat that was genetically indistinguishable from the one probably licking its toes on your coverlet at this very moment beat the hell out of a cobra by slapping it heard enough to break its neck, and then proceeded to EAT IT.


    Less entertaining than watching one beat the daylights out of a metronome, but a lot more impressive. Props to the Fluffies of the world …

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