With the move, we left the sweet Greyster to reign as king of Encino hills while we toil in the flats once more. The only thing that quiets the pangs of missing him is to recall an evening not too long ago, where Grey strolled into the yard, sat at the corner of the pool, and watched the sun set over the San Fernando valley. His tail moved, only a little, but when it was all over and the sky still glowed with borrowed sunlight, he did that sighing thing that content cats do.

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  1. I miss him like crazy! I went to the house to get mail yesterday and looked all over for him, nursing the insane fantasy that he would see me and hop in the car.

  2. Try again! Perhaps with all the stuff missing at the house, he’s confused too. Sounds like he should be adopted… would there be anything wrong with taking him to where you live and releasing him out there? He could then remain your outdoor cat.

    I haven’t raised outdoor cats since I live in an apartment complex. But it’s tough out there for them. That medical emergency he had is a bit worrying–what if that happens to him again? Who’d take care of dear lil Gray? (or Grey?)

    Anyway, hope you’re settling in well at your new place. Moving DOES suck >:(

  3. He knows the hills. We live (as you can see from the map) a stone’s throw from the freeway, and the wildlife scene here is dangerous and monotonous: careless humans in cars. He is a roamer and an adventurer. I can’t imagine he would last long here, and we did try to adopt him. His eyes hollowed and he stopped eating after a while. He grew more and more fearful instead of relaxed, and his little night song turned into the most mournful thing.

    I think I’ll drive up there now and again and sneak some cat food behind a bush or something. 🙂

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