Grey Update

There will be an audition practice update soon, too. But I thought you’d like to know where our little muffin is. He pees and poops in the box now. Victory is mine! Started doing it the 2nd day. I never thought I would be so happy at something so stinky. He also takes his antibiotics … Read more

feeling Grey

Yesterday, while I was supposed to be convalescing after a very exciting Fraxel laser facial treatment, I was instead wrestling a deeply wounded cat in the bathroom. The saga of Grey continues. A week ago, we saw him with a munched neck that was troubling, and looked like a serious blow. Then he disappeared until … Read more

Grey, part deux

Well, you can see that the eye is doing a lot better! We can also see that he is very much a he. Good lord. I had never, ahem, seen an intact cat before. Quite shocking, really. But now, other evidence of the hard life is apparent: there are large claw scratches on his legs, … Read more


So there’s this cat. This magnificent, aloof, probably feral cat, who has gradually been slinking closer and closer to our door over the past few weeks. I immediately named him (I think him…could be her) Grey, because he is so unbelievably, totally, utterly grey. Except for his little green eyes and pink nose, that is. … Read more

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