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  1. It was horrifying. Huge black beetles. I have a real fear of them, and one came flying out of the tree and landed behind my ear when I was sleeping. Merry Christmas, indeed. I still shudder.

  2. Hi Lucy,
    Bummer about the toys, but good news-the tree will be back next year. I hope your emilee gets her wrappers off soon, too. Have a wonderful 2010, and best wishes from the feline gang at my house. ggp

  3. From Lucy: Thanks GottaGo (what a funny name but not everyone can be named Lucy). I like the pictures you put up on Twittur with the other cats like mee. I hope the tree comes back soon but I would settle for a houseplant.


    Janetta: yep. There were several shiny, black beetles with massive pincers. I have a picture on my phone that I'll show you next lesson. When it was flying around, it sounded like a hovercraft! It was fun to react on Vicodin.

    PS: Cute picture, Mama!

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