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  1. He’s so good. We’re moving on July 1, and Grey has to stay behind! How sad! He was inside for a month during his convalescence, and though he healed from the surgery, he lost weight and hid the entire time. His eyes grew dull and his demeanor grew more surly. So we let him out into the back yard, where he comes every few days to survey his terrain from the top and dine on much milk, tuna, and yummy food. It is clear that he is happy there, and we would have to trap him and hope he didn’t get run over by a car or eaten by an unfamiliar predator in the new digs. But I am so sad about it. I don’t know if the new tenants in the house will feed him, but I’m going to leave a case of food and a note. This picture is the first time I saw him sleeping. What a great little guy.

  2. Oh, that’s sad, but it seems like the right decision, and you did him (and the local feline ecosystem) a service by sponsoring his “alterations,” We’ll just have to send out ailurophilic vibrations to attract the next tenant.

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