I am in the absolute throes of book finishing right now. I hope you are patient enough (and that this blog and my site have been compelling enough) to wait and see the transformation I have planned for the whole blog/site/store in the coming weeks.

I have been blogging for 2 years, now.


Ok, back to the salt mines.

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  1. Well congrats then! Make sure to celebrate after the book is out.

    Oh and I know that look "You know I'm cute as hell right now so now compensate my cute efforts with treats, sucka!"

  2. She just sits around like that. Just, like, all day. I walk into a room, and she's watching tv (Dog the Bounty Hunter is a fave, as is basketball. Momma's girl) on her back, back toes all splayed out. She seems to like that the best. When she wants treats, she has been known to paw at me or get completely in my way, although the usual course of action is to scream bloody murder at me whenever I dare enter the kitchen. One of the web upgrades is going to be making my Tumblr site Lucy's corner. I have to get recordings of her insane broken meows and some purring. 🙂

  3. *raises glass* here's to 2 years! *raises glass* here's to your book! *raises glass* herrre's to yerr new sssite
    *raises glass* herrrre's to… *passes out* {Congrats Emily!}

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