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  1. Oh my Emily! That was JUST what I needed – classic Lucy post!!! Cracked me UP! "year 4, life 5"! "…stays there until she sez "OH poop" LOL! PLEASE take her advice and stop worrying so much! You will find your way, I know you will!

  2. I won't even ask what makes love itchy. I am so glad that, if my cats keep diaries, they keep them private!

  3. Red cat brought us fleas. He's 100% outside, and she's 100% inside, and they sing to each other on opposite sides of the screen door. She gets bitten around her mouth and feet! So I have to be vigilant with baths and Frontline.

    Oh, and I regularly get texts from your cats. Mostly, "I'm a lump in the bed, please send food and reinforcements" etc. 🙂

  4. Remember to throw on some diatomaceous earth/borax before vacuuming – sometimes just vacuuming will only serve to hatch more flea eggs. Yay!!!

    (says the girl allergic to fleas. maybe I should get my own frontline prescription.)

  5. There are some creatures that I wonder why God created: fleas, ticks, mosquitos. Fleas in particular are a**holes! Nothing less! Guess I might have an allergic reaction to them. They suck! The bites itch forever! Guess same with those awful fire ants.

    Anyway, tip to Lucy: ask for Science Diet brand. Apparently the boys thing it's delicious and eat it three times as quickly as any other food.

    Emily, I gotta ask: I've moved twice in the last 3 years, and the next move I'll make will be semi-permanent. Do you ever get to unpack all of your boxes? I hate that part of it… all those unopened black garbage bags and boxes. Now I return to my important work, ahahaha… heh.

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