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Author: Emily Wright

dream big

Alternate title: financial advisors, angel investors, and becoming a Spreadsheet Person After two decades of trying to find the perfect place that marries all of the things that are important to me—and not finding it—I’ve decided to create the place, myself. These are the proto-plans for something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and I’m putting them up now, in this less-than-polished format to see if any readers have expertise, connections, or like $20k burning a hole in your pocket. The elevator pitch goes something like this: a semi-remote retreat and education space that offers on-site housing....

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Idyllwild Arts

Originally posted 1 Aug 2007. I think about things I learned at Idyllwild every single day. I hope I have not spent my last summer up among the dusty cedars and A-frame cabins. San Jacinto looming over Hemet On Friday, I drove up Mt. San Jacinto to the lovely mountain town of Idyllwild, where I went for pretty much all of the formative summers of my life to what was then called ISOMATA. (Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts) I visited with Steve Fraider, the head of the summer program, and Bill Lowman, president of Idyllwild Arts, and it...

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an army of cellists

I had a session today for a film whose composer had the genius concept to score the whole movie…..with cellos and basses. 28 cellos! It was nice to hear the sound, of course, but it was also a great hang with some of the top players in LA that I am lucky enough to know. My thumb aches from the false harmonics, but it’s a small price to pay for a whole day in Cello Geek Heaven. Originally posted 30 July 2007. This session still stands out in my mind as one of the most meaningful I’ve ever participated...

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I heart my students

Originally posted 5 July 2007. This brings back so many memories! One of these students, Jeremy Boersma, is now a professional cellist with a bustling studio of his own and a busy performance schedule. Look him up if you’re in LA. Another, Austin Shaw, completed a music degree at USC (Go Trojans!) and splits his time between performing and working as a sound engineer. He came through DC last year, and my heart was swollen with pride (and affection) to see him succeed. I still heart my students. Sigh. This recital marks some milestones for my studio and the...

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