Author: Emily Wright

new directions in creepy medical imaging

Preface: unless you are an MD with extensive experience treating chronic pain, do not comment with a diagnostic or treatment plan, or encourage me to do things like  forego gluten or try transcendental meditation. If you do, so help me gods, I will organize a withering stream of DNS attacks on your site, and will sign you up for endless MLM email lists.  So I’m officially 6 months post-op, and while certain aspects of my physical health are improved, these have easily been the hardest months of my life. It’s not all for naught: I honestly feel like part...

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in lieu of week 8 recovery diary

…because there is not much to say, one way or the other! I’ve been wrestling with some hip stuff, likely fallout from the gradual re-stacking of my vertebrae and associated weirdness. Heading to PT today hopefully for some headache relief. I’ll be grateful when I don’t have to leg it all over town in 100º heat. Something I’ve been talking about in many of my lessons is the idea of practicing not just with physical goals in mind, but before every repetition, creating an internal rehearsal of what the desired physical phenomenon might feel like. Here’s an example: Your...

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