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Author: Emily Wright


To get to my accommodations in the unincorporated town of Temmile, I took two flights: DC to MSP, MSP to PDX. I landed around 8pm, went to the wrong rental car place (twice), and was routed, terrified, around the shipping containers and dark warehouses that surround the airport. A downpour at night is not the ideal circumstance under which to get to know an unfamiliar car. It is today, 5 days in, that I fully grasp the fevered imaginings of Subaru engineers and their total misunderstanding of the way people expect to use windshield wipers. After 4 hours of...

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help for a sore thumb

Originally published 7 January 2008. The main takeaway I have, now that an additional 12 years have elapsed, is that while the larger aspects of this post hold true, bow hold is wildly variable. The video I posted about visualization addressed it a bit: the function must lead the form. As it turns out, chasing after the function tends to lead most hands and arms into very similar shapes, but I spend much less time talking about the fingers and thumb in great detail, unless they are in a position (or are held with such tension) that precludes the...

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Does your bow grip work?

Originally published 5 Jan 2008. I really wish I had somehow been able to wrangle the bow in the picture into my life. While the current Sasano bow (I’ve had since my second year at CSUN) is wonderful, I can still remember the miraculous glide of this one. I nicknamed it “Excalibow”. A colleague had loaned it to me, perhaps overestimating my ability to make such a purchase. Perfectly crisp, seamless at the frog, resolutely bouncy when asked for any number of off the string techniques. Although a poor craftsman blames her tools, the balance and weight of your...

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music from another time

Originally published 11 Dec 2007. I still haul these pieces out now and again, and they continue to surprise me! Maybe I’ll spring them on some of my more advanced students who are working on the elusive perfectly tapered “long, but short” note. I have had a bockety practice schedule of late, but I have still noticed significant improvement in my overall feeling of agility due to the Gabrieli Ricercari that have been dominating my time these days. If you’re not familiar with them, they are published by Schott and are available here. Like much proto-Baroque music, they are transparent and care...

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new podcast thingy

Originally posted 17 Nov 2007. Somewhere over the course of platform and server migrations, these podcasts have gotten lost: I think they may be on one of the external drives gathering dust on a shelf in the studio. Podcasts and in-depth videos take more time and energy than you’d think, but there seems to be an expectation that they should be free, as the cultivation of some sort of “brand”. After all this time, I’m realizing that I’ve given away so much. Too much. It’s a difficult balance, because I believe in being fair, always erring on the lower...

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