Pie eater.

Sorry folks, I was so overworked at Hopkins this week that I ate your deathbed pie charts, mistaking them for actual pies. They were pretty tasty! (especially Wendy’s because she and I really like food, so it made up a significant portion of the chart) Some news: It looks like there won’t be any properly organized […]

Back to LA, for now

Today is my last day in Atlanta. It was strange to watch the Oscars more than a few miles from the Kodak Theatre, but that’s something I’ll have to get used to if I am planning on making the move to DC this summer. It’s interesting: when I think of leaving Los Angeles, part of […]

Off to Atlanta in the morning

Top 10 things I like about DC/Baltimore area, in no particular order: 4. (Well, I told you it was in no particular order) The Potomac River. 6. Old, old trees. They lie in thickets on the roadside, still buried in snow from the storms of late February. 2. The word “Patuxent”. 9. 6% sales tax. […]

Postcard from Maryland

I’ve been too busy to take many pictures, but I think I will have the time to change that today. So far, I’ve had a lesson with Gottagopractice, two (fantastic, compelling, inspiring) interviews at JHU, and dinner at a Turkish restaurant with the incomparable Imani. Today is the first “lecture” (in quotes because it makes […]

Updated Tour Information!

Friends, Romans, Cello-y people: now that I have specific dates and times for the DC and Atlanta events, some changes were appropriate. Ideally, I’d have DC registration done by the end of this week so I have some idea whether I’m going to be talking to 15 people or 50. DC/Baltimore: March 1: arrival, private […]

Tour details!

In case you’re not on the epic GoogleWave I’ve created to coordinate the tour and are interested in taking a lesson in either DC/Baltimore or Atlanta, here is the sign up sheet. DC dates are March 1-5, Atlanta is March 6-8. Schedules are still being worked out. You can always email me at tour(at)emilywright(dot)net. Information […]

East Coast Tour!

Things are starting to take shape, so I would like to officially announce my East coast teaching tour! If you’re in the DC area, PA, the Carolinas or Atlanta, hit me up at tour(at)emilywright(dot)net. If you haven’t participated in an Emily tour yet, here’s the drill: 1) I offer private lessons one day and a […]

Planning ahead

I’m going to try this with a slightly more cogent approach this time. AAAAAAAA!! Another teaching tour! I’m thinking March: South Carolina to DC/Baltimore to PA to Manhattan. The plan is to have two teaching days in each city: one day of private lessons, one day with a group class, with another day for seeing […]

the forecast

Early July calls for mostly sunny skies, some fireworks, with a chance of Emily coming up the 15, 70 and 35 through CO, NE, IA and MN! Everything is tentative, but it looks like I will be once again making a little road trip through the middle of the US, and if you’re in one […]

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