Heads up!

Things have been quiet here, but behind the scenes, I’ve been working furiously. The remainder of 2024 is set to be a busy time. I’m slowly populating the calendar here: […]

Pie eater.

Sorry folks, I was so overworked at Hopkins this week that I ate your deathbed pie charts, mistaking them for actual pies. They were pretty tasty! (especially Wendy’s because she and […]

Back to LA, for now

Today is my last day in Atlanta. It was strange to watch the Oscars more than a few miles from the Kodak Theatre, but that’s something I’ll have to get […]

Off to Atlanta in the morning

Top 10 things I like about DC/Baltimore area, in no particular order: 4. (Well, I told you it was in no particular order) The Potomac River. 6. Old, old trees. […]

Postcard from Maryland

I’ve been too busy to take many pictures, but I think I will have the time to change that today. So far, I’ve had a lesson with Gottagopractice, two (fantastic, […]

Updated Tour Information!

Friends, Romans, Cello-y people: now that I have specific dates and times for the DC and Atlanta events, some changes were appropriate. Ideally, I’d have DC registration done by the […]

Tour details!

In case you’re not on the epic GoogleWave I’ve created to coordinate the tour and are interested in taking a lesson in either DC/Baltimore or Atlanta, here is the sign […]

East Coast Tour!

Things are starting to take shape, so I would like to officially announce my East coast teaching tour! If you’re in the DC area, PA, the Carolinas or Atlanta, hit […]

Planning ahead

I’m going to try this with a slightly more cogent approach this time. AAAAAAAA!! Another teaching tour! I’m thinking March: South Carolina to DC/Baltimore to PA to Manhattan. The plan […]

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