I’ve been too busy to take many pictures, but I think I will have the time to change that today. So far, I’ve had a lesson with Gottagopractice, two (fantastic, compelling, inspiring) interviews at JHU, and dinner at a Turkish restaurant with the incomparable Imani. Today is the first “lecture” (in quotes because it makes me feel all stuffy; like I’d be using a pointer and using the words “thus” and “henceforth”) of my tour. I should be nervous, but I’m just excited to share this stuff. Plus, I practically went through my talking points with Dr. Rice at JH yesterday. He made the mistake of asking “What is deep practice?” Oh, Daniel Coyle, this is all your fault! You, and Lenny, my student who first gave me his book.

Ok, off for a brisk walk to work off the decadence of last night. More soon!

Your friend in cello-y solidarity,


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  1. I'm with you in spirit. I sure wish I could be there in person.

    I finally got my hands on "The Talent Code". Light bulb moment. Ahhh deep practice! Perfect for those of us who can "hyperfocus" for a short while and spent music school mindlessly putting in un- productive hours and hours. All I want to know is why Owen Carman didn't explain it to me way back when?? Oh well, it is never too late in my mind. Thanks again Emily for unlocking another door for me! Peace.

  2. i had the most fun with you on tuesday. keep on truckin' my dear, i expect to see you around these parts soon.

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