Arlington, part 2

What a day. Hot, windy, and full of cello stuff. Oh, and a train that slowly went back and forth in front of me for about 10 minutes. First off, I went to the Waffle House and had, well, a waffle. It was good, and kept me sustained through a lesson Dr. Morrow invited me … Read more


Once again, JetBlue comes through in the clutch. Not only were they friendly and helpful, but they thought it would be safer to just take the flight case off and seat my cello next to me in the cabin. The TSA people were also amazing and made me feel like I was a regular passenger … Read more

road tunes

Hey there! In preparation for my teaching tour of road tripping cello-y goodness, I am in need of some fresh tunes for the ol’ iPod. So please, pretty please, would you recommend songs, iMixes, or even whole albums you think would do me well on the 10 hour drives between cities? I have about $200 … Read more

Atlanta Master Class

March 1st, more details here, if you check out the Calendar section. Many many thanks to Church of the Redeemer, Kim, Ana, and the entire Atlanta Cello Project. EDIT: Enrollment to participate in the Atlanta Master Class is now CLOSED! You can still sign up to attend or to have a private lesson on the … Read more

Texas hospitality

The esteemed and lovely Dr. Elizabeth Morrow has extended the facilities of the University of Texas, Arlington for the 2nd stop on my little tour. Some of you may know her through the Texas Cello Academy or the thoughtful writings in AST Journal, or simply by her stellar reputation both as an educator and as … Read more

Should you participate in a Master Class?

I’ve never really gotten into the term “Master Class”. First off, it just sounds scary. Second, it usually is scary! And yet, it is a valuable part of the pre-professional and college level experience, fear and all. I like the idea of giving my adult students some of that conservatory-style foundation, with a slightly different … Read more

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