Top 10 things I like about DC/Baltimore area, in no particular order:

4. (Well, I told you it was in no particular order) The Potomac River.

6. Old, old trees. They lie in thickets on the roadside, still buried in snow from the storms of late February.

2. The word “Patuxent”.

9. 6% sales tax.

3. Historical significance of the region.

10. Basements.

7. For better or worse; snow, humidity and everything in between, you are assured seasons.

5. Proximity to all kinds of stuff, like New York and my family’s wellspring in Bucks County, PA.

8. Johns Hopkins University.

1. The sound of driving on cobblestone streets.

It’s 9:30pm EST. In about 6 hours, I’ll get into my frozen rental car and begin the trek to Atlanta, another city I have much affection for. I’ll do my best to take some pictures on the road, and when I have a spare moment, I’ll put up the notes from the first Talent Code lecture I did at the Washington Conservatory. If FedEx is to be believed, my own book will be waiting for me when I get home.

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