Friends, Romans, Cello-y people: now that I have specific dates and times for the DC and Atlanta events, some changes were appropriate. Ideally, I’d have DC registration done by the end of this week so I have some idea whether I’m going to be talking to 15 people or 50.


March 1: arrival, private lessons in the evening.
March 2: potential lesson slot before noon, Johns Hopkins all day, potential single lesson slot in the early evening.
March 3: lecture at the Glen Echo campus of the Washington Conservatory 3-7pm. $10 to attend, WC students free with ID.
March 4: full day of private lessons, 3 spaces available.

Changed: NO GROUP PRACTICE! It just didn’t fit in the time and space allotted. Sorry!
Lessons can be given at a studio in Chevy Chase, or I can travel so long as it’s not rush hour beltway mania.


Sign up for the Atlanta Cello Project on to register and pre-pay.

March 5: travel from DC, arrival in the evening.
March 6: lecture sponsored by the Atlanta Cello Project, Church of the Reedemer, 2pm.
March 7 and 8: private lessons, 3 spaces available both days.
March 9: back to Los Angeles, exhausted and happy.

Lessons can be given at a home in central Atlanta, or I can travel within reason.

Questions? Comments? Cello-y ramblings? Post ’em here, or you can email tour(at)emilywright(dot)net. I can’t wait!

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One Response

  1. Cello-y ramblings?

    Well, since you ask… 😉

    The tour sounds great, wish there was something like it in my part of the world! Having read your blog for a while, I can't help but think that you sound like just the kind of teacher I would love to have.

    So. Best of luck on your tour, I hope you enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can whilst bringing cello-y fun and merriment to everyone around you!

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