strange flattery

If you keep up with me on Twittaw, you know I’ve become something of a swing dance addict. There’s something uniquely satisfying about learning a new discipline that, if you’re […]


It won’t be long until they retire these magnificent birds. I grew up in the triangle formed by March, Norton and Edwards AFBs, so it’s no wonder that I have […]


I promise I’ll have something cello-y in the next day or two, but October shared this with me, and you know I’m buzzing with excitement and maybe a little sadness.

Apollo 11

I like this particular footage, even though it is not as iconic as some of the shots from the tower. It’s what the folks at home saw and heard that […]

Yeah man, where the cool kids hang out

That would be the observation area at Van Nuys Airport. It’s a place I go about once a week to check out the planes, fantasize about starting lessons again, clear […]


Those are the call letters for Cable Airport in Upland, CA. I took a whole day off of teaching and volunteered to man the Angel Flight booth for a few […]


Haydn, part 2, with a section about playing fast for our beloved Guanaco, coming up soon.

Up, up and away

I finally started flying lessons a few weeks ago, and it is so good. Although I am very familiar with Whiteman and Van Nuys airports, which are just a few […]

finding the right teacher

Many of you know that I am an aviation enthusiast and so-called student pilot. In truth, although I come from a family peppered with pilots and have spent many hours […]

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