I promise I’ll have something cello-y in the next day or two, but October shared this with me, and you know I’m buzzing with excitement and maybe a little sadness.

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  1. Oh, this looks so good! I have been wondering for years why no one has made a movie about her life. No doubt that Hillary Swank will do a great job. The trailer gave me chills.

  2. Oh, wow! Something else to look forward to in the theatres. Thank yo so much for sharing this; I had no idea it was being made.

  3. I'm crying from the trailer…and I can't wait. I guess Hillary Swank can't make a movie that won't make me cry.

  4. I know! She channels bittersweet with the best of them. Maybe I need to organize a watching/crying party when it comes out, sponsored by Kleenex.

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