Those are the call letters for Cable Airport in Upland, CA. I took a whole day off of teaching and volunteered to man the Angel Flight booth for a few hours, along with some other folks with more aviation experience. My favorite part by far was the thunderous presence of what many of you may recognize as a DC-3, referred to as a C-47 or C-53 in its olive drab military garb. This particular aircraft flew many missions, including towing gliders in the early dawn of D-Day. Those of you who have read me from the start have some inkling as to my swollen-hearted love of our country and nostalgia for times past. Los Angeles in particular is home to some of the least sensitive, hostile to any sort of tradition folks I have had the character building fortune to live around. So I was pretty moved when during the singing of the national anthem, the PA system gave out, and without hesitation the crowd took over and finished the tune in quiet, imperfect strains.

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