It won’t be long until they retire these magnificent birds. I grew up in the triangle formed by March, Norton and Edwards AFBs, so it’s no wonder that I have such a love for all things aviation. The sonic booms rattled windows and nerves as the Shuttle landed tonight, and gave me a little respite from the somber mood that comes from remembering 9/11 and caring for a very sick cat.

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  1. I'm sorry about your cat. I too am caring for a 19 yr old in renal failure. He's been my friend since he was 6 weeks old and it's not easy. But it's hard not to smile and love on him when he jumps on my chair (behind me)when I'm practicing and he crawls up my back! I hope yours gets better.

  2. I hope so, too. She liked living in a big house a lot, and I want to give her that pleasure again! She had big eyes for an hour after the shuttle landed.

  3. I was unprepared for the sonic boom. Everyone in the apartment building (who are all originally from the Chicagoland area – except for one australian boyfriend) came running out of the building. Our most recent midwestern transplant wanted to know if it was an earthquake.

    De and I area trying to find out how one finds a schedule for the last few launches, and if we can get tickets or whatever one does. We saw the recent night launch at Griffith Observatory's "First Fridays" (free! highly recommend) and it was incredibly moving.

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