To the Men of Troy

Unlike many self-assured USC fans, this season’s rocky ride was not a surprise to me. Nor was it as horrifying or depressing for me as it seemed to be for […]

good for Pretty Boys, I guess

Like every day, even those not ending with victory, it was a good day to be a Trojan fan. It’s too early and extremely silly to talk about titles after […]

and finally

Andrew Cook turned me on to the final permutation of the scale exercise I’m prescribing: Start the scale from the lowest note on the cello in the key, not just […]

now you’re making me nervous

For those of you who are not immersed in the world of college football like I am, this might seem like cause to celebrate. Ooh lookee! My team is rated […]

something to look forward to…

For college football fans, there is a sense of loss after the January bowls are all said and done, and not just because the BCS is run by crackheads. Sure, […]

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