To the Men of Troy

Unlike many self-assured USC fans, this season’s rocky ride was not a surprise to me. Nor was it as horrifying or depressing for me as it seemed to be for other fans. I think the secret to my success and perhaps the key to the Trojans’ struggles come from the same place: I am, after […]

good for Pretty Boys, I guess

Like every day, even those not ending with victory, it was a good day to be a Trojan fan. It’s too early and extremely silly to talk about titles after just 2 games like the fair-weather media is doing tonight. Ohio State are no jokers and the score does not reflect how many times they […]

and finally

Andrew Cook turned me on to the final permutation of the scale exercise I’m prescribing: Start the scale from the lowest note on the cello in the key, not just the tonic. So that means you start every scale on C, C# or Db, depending. The best part about this approach is that it prepares […]

now you’re making me nervous

For those of you who are not immersed in the world of college football like I am, this might seem like cause to celebrate. Ooh lookee! My team is rated #1! No, no, no! Stop! We have a bye week this Saturday (no game) and then face a mighty opponent in Ohio State, who is […]

something to look forward to…

For college football fans, there is a sense of loss after the January bowls are all said and done, and not just because the BCS is run by crackheads. Sure, we can distract ourselves from the pain with an extra month of Pro ball, always looking out for alums of our favorite school. And later, […]

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