For college football fans, there is a sense of loss after the January bowls are all said and done, and not just because the BCS is run by crackheads. Sure, we can distract ourselves from the pain with an extra month of Pro ball, always looking out for alums of our favorite school. And later, basketball, if you’re into it. Baseball takes over in a few weeks, and even though the game has been shamed by controversy, there is something lovely about the sound of Vin Scully’s voice and a $10 thimbleful of beer in Elysian Park.

But it’s no college football. Sweet, sweet college football. I have USC drum cadences on my iPod and a countdown widget that is telling me how many days, hours, and minutes there are until the Virginia game. I look at it every day, sometimes twice, as a reminder that I need to be patient, and that my guys need these months to prepare. But then this rolled into my inbox, and though distant, the fever begins again.

Here’s CJ Gable. Hang on to the rock!

Vidal Hazelton, at your service.

Mark Sanchez, whom a lot of folks think could be the next Matt Leinart.

This one is called “Air Rojo”.

I look forward to football for so many reasons. The thing I like the most is the feeling of unity, walking into the Coliseum, in a sea of cardinal and gold, knowing that at least half of the 90,000 people at each game have the same hopes that I have, even if just for 4 hours. Los Angeles can be a lonely place, much of the time. One of its most distinguishing characteristics is the “Me first, and I don’t care about you” mindset that permeates the 30 mile zone. Something about believing in the spirit of the game changes things, and come August, you’ll find a Burberry wearing Mercedes driver letting an RV into the Vermont St. turn lane, a complete stranger handing you a cold one in the tailgate section, and an entire stadium full of people standing in silence when the Star Spangled Banner plays. And in LA, that’s kinda neat.

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7 Responses

  1. Thirty mile zone. I’ve been in CA since 1975 and hadn’t heard that term. These cello blogs are so informative!

  2. I’m not a football fan.. at all.

    However, your post put it in an entirely positive new light, interesting…

    I hope you start feeling better also!

  3. Football is soooo boring to me… probably because I’ve never seen a live game. I saw a girls basketball game last week though, it made me too angry! But it was fun. I found out that it’s the old men, really old men who love to shout at the referees 😉

  4. Nice entry. I was born in Hollywood in the 50s and grew up here. Your coliseum post brought back memories of a SoCal that I thought was lost long ago. Too many people ruined paradise for me.

    I live in Idaho now where (most) people still treat everyone great and working, living and having fun aren’t subordinated by issue politics and crime but I still make it down to the beach a few times a year to body surf.

    Trojans looked great yesterday! Fight on against the Buckeyes!

  5. I think it is a SoCal that is to a large degree, lost. It’s nice to find a reliable source of community and common purpose, even if it means fighting traffic on the 10 or 110. 🙂 The Buckeyes are fierce, and the electricity is already tingling around the Coliseum. Fight on!

    (thanks for visiting my blog, btw)

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