Like every day, even those not ending with victory, it was a good day to be a Trojan fan. It’s too early and extremely silly to talk about titles after just 2 games like the fair-weather media is doing tonight. Ohio State are no jokers and the score does not reflect how many times they knocked at the door to the red zone. Much respect to the Bucks, and I look forward to next year, when we will surely be tested again.

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  1. O-H-OH NOOOOOOooooooo……

    Well deserved. Oh – I love the players from Hawaii and their awesome tats – I need to get back there soon. We (OSU) looked like a pee-wee team playing a college team. What a disappointment for OSU fans as well as college football fans that expected to see a football game.

    More on this later 🙁

  2. Rey Maleluga (Samoan, lots of tats) is such a powerful force on that team. I love it when a big defender ends up running one in on an interception. They seem so stunned to have the ball. 🙂

    I don’t think Ohio State was so terrible. Maybe the Stanford game of last year reminds me that a team can do great things and still lose. (although I am still keeping an eye on Pritchard, their QB. he can make some real plays)

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