Report from the field

Day 2 (my last) of Cosi Fan Tutte: “some assembly required” is upon us. I spaced and forgot my USB cable, so none of the nicer real camera photos are going to be up until I get back to Brooklyn at the earliest. More likely, I’ll post them when I get back to MD. A couple […]

Off to Atlanta in the morning

Top 10 things I like about DC/Baltimore area, in no particular order: 4. (Well, I told you it was in no particular order) The Potomac River. 6. Old, old trees. They lie in thickets on the roadside, still buried in snow from the storms of late February. 2. The word “Patuxent”. 9. 6% sales tax. […]

Tour details!

In case you’re not on the epic GoogleWave I’ve created to coordinate the tour and are interested in taking a lesson in either DC/Baltimore or Atlanta, here is the sign up sheet. DC dates are March 1-5, Atlanta is March 6-8. Schedules are still being worked out. You can always email me at tour(at)emilywright(dot)net. Information […]


Leaving Los Angeles, at dawn. Palm Springs wind farm. Somewhere in the tail end of Arizona or the beginning of New Mexico. This turned into a real hum-dinger. Just outside of Las Cruces. I had a big thing here about life, and directions, and all sorts of furrowed brow type things. Too much for this […]

once more, with feeling

I have talked big and small game about doing a swing out to a few cities for master classes and private lessons. This time, I think I’ll actually go to the trouble to make it happen. My thought is Midwest to New York to DC. Where and when are the issues. It might be good […]

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