Day 2 (my last) of Cosi Fan Tutte: “some assembly required” is upon us. I spaced and forgot my USB cable, so none of the nicer real camera photos are going to be up until I get back to Brooklyn at the earliest. More likely, I’ll post them when I get back to MD.

A couple of observations for the scant few who may stagger across this page in these, the ebbing days of the music blogging world:

1. I really like playing the cello. Like a whole lot.

2. I really like New York. Like a whole lot.

3. I miss Lucy.

4. I sleep better in the city than in the country.

5. Toll roads are shockingly expensive. About $30 each way.

Picture taken at Birch Coffee. Try the toasted almond iced tea and the insane Tokyo drip if you’re ever there.

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2 Responses

  1. In addition to the shockingly expensive toll roads, I enjoyed the 18.75% tax on parking – it did bring the 24-hr rate up to a nice tidy $40 so, so I didn't have to worry about carrying the change around.

  2. hope your show was great.

    I wish i could have made it to the opera, but my wife is performing this week and im babysitting.

    Can you post some more info about your upcoming chat in soho.

    best regards

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