I have talked big and small game about doing a swing out to a few cities for master classes and private lessons. This time, I think I’ll actually go to the trouble to make it happen. My thought is Midwest to New York to DC. Where and when are the issues. It might be good to do something in January, but I worry about snow and the inconvenience of having to travel in it. Should I wait until March or April? Then there’s where. I might do something in MD for the DC portion. I like Hagerstown and Columbia so far. For NY, I was planning on going slightly upstate, although if we can find a place (maybe Hunter College will rent me a nice sized room?) in Manhattan, I am happy to oblige. As for the Midwest, I want to split distance differences between the Ohio Gang and the Minnesota Gang, unless one faction is willing to travel farther. Chicago might be a nuclear option. 3 days in each place, with a day of master class and another day or two for private instruction. I’m hoping for just 3 or 4 participants for each city, with perhaps a few curious onlookers as well. What say you?

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  1. Atlanta!! If you come here, I will gather 3 or 4 students for you. Me included, of course.

    PS – waiting on the edge of my seat for Haydn Part 2 🙂 Thanks for spending the time on it. It’s much appreciated and has given me new insight and energy to work on it again.

  2. CG: I am in the middle of a tumultuous move and can’t record the video yet. Thanks for being patient, and I’ll see if I can arrange a swing down south. I can’t miss 2 whole weeks of regular students, but maybe I will make 2 trips, a month or 2 apart. 🙂

  3. Boston! So many cello people and students up here. If you want to get anyone from MA, NYC is at least 5 hours on a train and 4-5 by car, unfortunately, so it may be hard for people. If you were to come to Boston, it would be easy to get enough students…maybe you should make two trips…

  4. If you come to NYC, I will definitely be there, and will do my best to get my friends/fellow cellists to also join.


  5. Sterling, VA!!! I am only 35 – 40 minutes outside of D.C., and I’d be more than happy to host you Emily. I live in a 3 bedroom townhouse with two empty bedrooms (well, one’s my music room and one has the guest bed – you get the picture!). Anyway, just food for thought. Or, as that radio pastor dude says: “just a thought, not a sermon”!

  6. I am in Columbus, OH and with ample notice would probably be willing to travel a few states. I might have to do a business-related trip out to Utah in mid-to-late Jan 2009. Will keep eyes on your blog for details – or feel free to send updates via email.

  7. Brian: I would hope that if I got as close as MD, you would attend! I prefer a more public venue for a number of reasons, but it is very kind of you to offer your home.

    One thing nobody is addressing is my main concern: weather. Are these places going to be in the deepest cold of winter? It’s not a deterrent for me, but since I have little experience driving in snowy conditions, I’m wondering if there is cause for concern.

  8. Hagerstown in January/Feb. is definately risky for snow conditions, but they have the road clearing equipment act down pat, so it really shouldn’t be THAT much of a concern. Coming from the D.C. area, you have to drive over a pretty good sized mountain to get to Hagerstown – that may be worrisome if you’re nervous driving in snowy conditions. Regardless, if/when you are in Hagerstown, I am DEFINATELY there for a lesson/master class, what have you!

  9. If you are not experienced driving in snow, it might be a good idea to wait until at least March. Even in March the conditions can be iffy for MA, but your plan is enough south that it would probably (?) be ok.

  10. Columbus, OH is usually not too bad during winter. Once in awhile we get hit with a real snow storm – but we are far enough south that most of the snow stays north. There is “The Ohio State University” nearby that you might be able to hook up for possible meeting sites. I could probably get you the contact information for the principal cello instructor (if there is such a title). One of his senior students is my instructor. In addition, you would get to see the HUGE stadium that USC will be visiting for the big rematch! Let me know…

  11. So here’s the plan, then. I think I should do a more temperate state swing and then a northern one. Maybe something like Houston, Atlanta (which should not be snowy, although I have been there when it was) and Miami in January or February, and then wait until March for another swing. I am not sure I could do 4 stops, so I guess I would have to gauge interest and see where the bigger attendance would be. Cities in contention are Chicago, Columbus (I would love to see the Horseshoe, I admit it!) DC, Boston, NYC, and Philly.

  12. Yay – Atlanta! It should not be snowy although we do get weird bouts of snow and ice but they usually do not last more than a day or two.

    There is a cello event happening in Atlanta at the end of January. Check out http://www.cellofeast.com. I’m not sure I’m going yet but it won’t be a good weekend for me to round up any cello friends because they will most likely be at this event. If you do Atlanta in February, it will be perfect.

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