When you walk any distance at all in the rain with a cello strapped to your back, the water drips down the case and soaks your butt.

real or fake?

I get lots of emails like this through my website. I never reply to them because they just seem like spam. Thoughts? i’m interesting about cello lesson.but my house is burbank. i cannot go to your studio.can you came to my house for cello lesson?I want to know the tuition?can you send to email me? […]


Leaving Los Angeles, at dawn. Palm Springs wind farm. Somewhere in the tail end of Arizona or the beginning of New Mexico. This turned into a real hum-dinger. Just outside of Las Cruces. I had a big thing here about life, and directions, and all sorts of furrowed brow type things. Too much for this […]


Possible reasons for no blogging action/comments/emails/internet ghost town vibe of late: 1) Phelps mania among blogging cellists, no time for interwebs. 2) Clik-pad caused cubital tunnel issues, cannot type. 3) Blogging cellists running that race in Queens, can’t blog while running. 4) Blogging cellists flocking to South Ossetia to join in solidarity with Georgians. 5) […]


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