Possible reasons for no blogging action/comments/emails/internet ghost town vibe of late:

1) Phelps mania among blogging cellists, no time for interwebs.

2) Clik-pad caused cubital tunnel issues, cannot type.

3) Blogging cellists running that race in Queens, can’t blog while running.

4) Blogging cellists flocking to South Ossetia to join in solidarity with Georgians.

5) Emily not invited to blogging cellist summer BBQ. Blogging hard from inflatable pool.

6) This blog has become bad.

7) Lots of blogging cellists tried stretches from prior post, waiting in emergency rooms all over the country.

8) Stefano’s return on Days of Our Lives anxiously awaited, too excited to blog.

9) Already in line for Tropic Thunder, a movie clearly targeted to the cello blogosphere.

10) Please say it’s not #6!

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5 Responses

  1. No Emily, not #6. We love your blog (though it has been sparse and sporadic this summer, too.) Personally, I date the cello blogging ennui to when Pink Fluffy Slippers stopped blogging in favor of romance and fingernail polishing. Which, when I think about it, was ultimately due to the irresponsible cello teacher who dumped her without notice.

    I think I could type without pain if I had anything to say. Maybe I could whine about how hard it is to start up again after two months off.

  2. Ditto, Not #6.
    Although #7 Yoga stretches had possibilities 🙂

    Since my practicing has not been up to par this summer, I’ll have to blog about something else — like the new pet I just received today.

  3. This is a terrific blog, with valuable content, and intelligent humor. Like life itself, blogging (and bloggers) has its ups and downs.

  4. I think everyone has wandered off from their computers – loads of other blogs are on summer hiatus. Wait until September – it will be fine!

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