Oh my god, you guys

The last two years have been just…really…something. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of a particularly gnarly moment in what has been a period of almost exclusively gnarly moments, and it made me realize that only a few people have had any idea about what’s been going on since our move from DC in the […]

goings on

  After 8 months in Mpls, I’m headed back to DC! Nothing against the Twin Cities: in fact, I am inspired by so many people and things about this place. But DC feels like home, and I’ve been offered a position at the International School of Music in Bethesda, which I accepted gleefully.  They’ve also given […]


  So I moved to Minneapolis. My heart is still sore from leaving my DC students and colleagues (heck, I still miss my LA folks every. single. day.) but I’m immersing myself in the business at hand until the ache is less acute. For now, that business is teaching some wonderful young musicians at the […]

unexpected finds

  I was chatting with a friend from California the other day and he said it seems like I’ve adjusted to east coast living. It got me thinking about the differences between the two places, and how moving away from LA has given me a new appreciation for both coasts.   10 things I’ve learned […]

On being sure-footed

Traveling with Lucy the WonderCat has been an adventure. I’m sure she’ll tell you all about it when she gets her typewriter back. Anyway, as a loyal JetBluer, I went out to get the “Jet Paws” pet carrier in accordance with their specs. Unfortunately, Lucy’s, er, dimensions, did not do well with their compact design. […]


I shed the first of what are sure to be many tears today as I reflected on one particular student’s journey. My strength as a teacher (and possibly as a human) is the same as my greatest weakness:  I invest deeply in the people that stick with me. This makes walking away very difficult. How […]

It’s official.

I’m moving to DC in July! More info as I get it. It’s not too soon to contact me for lessons: After my first course at Hopkins in mid-July, I’m going to have August nearly free. Although this was not a simple decision, I am really excited. Plus, since I am preternaturally attached to certain […]

Back to LA, for now

Today is my last day in Atlanta. It was strange to watch the Oscars more than a few miles from the Kodak Theatre, but that’s something I’ll have to get used to if I am planning on making the move to DC this summer. It’s interesting: when I think of leaving Los Angeles, part of […]

Off to Atlanta in the morning

Top 10 things I like about DC/Baltimore area, in no particular order: 4. (Well, I told you it was in no particular order) The Potomac River. 6. Old, old trees. They lie in thickets on the roadside, still buried in snow from the storms of late February. 2. The word “Patuxent”. 9. 6% sales tax. […]

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