I’m moving to DC in July! More info as I get it. It’s not too soon to contact me for lessons: After my first course at Hopkins in mid-July, I’m going to have August nearly free. Although this was not a simple decision, I am really excited. Plus, since I am preternaturally attached to certain students here in LA, it will be just what I need to organize skype/iChat lessons in earnest.

Now I’ve done it.

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  1. Wow, Emily

    I admire your courage in making the change, and excited to have you on the East coast.

  2. Thanks, guys! Just after I published this, it really started sinking in. Now I'm dreaming every night about moving. Last night's iteration involved West Virginia (probably because that's where Jamie Oliver's show that I loooooove takes place).

    I am constantly amazed at how this blog and the family of cellobloggers and Tweeters has encouraged and shaped my experience of the past few years. I really do owe you all a debt of gratitude. 🙂

  3. Emily, congratulations on your decision. I look forward to hearing more about your teaching plans when you move to DC. What classes will you be teachng at Hopkins this summer?

  4. Anne:

    *opera style laugh*

    I am taking courses at Hopkins! But just for a moment, I allowed myself the luxury of imagining that I was moving to DC with the security of a college-level teaching gig. No, I'm going for a Master's in Education Science with emphases in Adult Learning (go figure, huh?) and Mind, Brain, and Teaching, with a capstone project relating both of those fields to music! The people are really compelling, and although JHU can have a reputation for being snooty, the folks at the Education dept have been warm, engaging, and quite accepting of a weirdo like me.

    Will keep you posted,

  5. Congrats. I'm usually in the Baltimore/DC region at least once a year. Hope to see you soon. I hope to start my Masters online from FSU in September.


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