Yeah, what he said.

Hey all: I’ve been under the weather a bit which has caused me to miss lots of lessons and neglect the blog this week. Today was rescued by the important things in life: lots of Skype with friends and loved ones, a Harry Potter marathon on TV, and a visit from my student/soul sister Wendy, … Read more

Words to live by.

Whether it’s getting a book published, striving for personal growth and perspective, or just trying to take a more disciplined bow stroke, each day offers us an opportunity to either persist or buckle under the strain of it all. I say persist.


Devin Barlow is a student of mine. We meet once a week, for 30 minutes. Sometimes it feels like 2 hours to Devin, and not just because I am long winded and overexplanatory. Devin has very little short-term memory because of a catastrophic mountain biking accident in 2003, and sometimes the passing of time feels … Read more

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