Yeah, what he said.

Hey all: I’ve been under the weather a bit which has caused me to miss lots of lessons and neglect the blog this week. Today was rescued by the important things in life: lots of Skype with friends and loved ones, a Harry Potter marathon on TV, and a visit from my student/soul sister Wendy, […]

The Fringe Benefits of Failure, by JK Rowling

This was brought to my attention by a good friend who is familiar with the general theme of my teaching, and has been witness to some of my greatest triumphs, most of which sprung from the sting of utter failure. It ties in nicely with my upcoming seminar series about The Talent Code, where the […]

Turning an issue into an asset

Learning any difficult craft can end up being a metaphor for our relationship with ourselves. No sooner have we picked up the bow than a tree falls right in our path, preventing forward progress with its clear message of: Turn back, moron. This way is not for you. Devastation. Served hot daily. I sometimes feel […]

Words to live by.

Whether it’s getting a book published, striving for personal growth and perspective, or just trying to take a more disciplined bow stroke, each day offers us an opportunity to either persist or buckle under the strain of it all. I say persist.

becoming what you are

I am a big believer in messages to (and from) the universe. I think that everything one does is a message, a request. It’s that “you get what you give” thing, where the style of life you live is, in very little time, slingshot right back to you because you asked for it by example. […]


Devin Barlow is a student of mine. We meet once a week, for 30 minutes. Sometimes it feels like 2 hours to Devin, and not just because I am long winded and overexplanatory. Devin has very little short-term memory because of a catastrophic mountain biking accident in 2003, and sometimes the passing of time feels […]

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