Whether it’s getting a book published, striving for personal growth and perspective, or just trying to take a more disciplined bow stroke, each day offers us an opportunity to either persist or buckle under the strain of it all. I say persist.

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  1. Then this post is perfect: I'm at least 2 weeks away from playing my first notes on the cello after surgery, and I suspect that my cello will also feel like a foreign object.

    It's an opportunity. Go through your lesson books and find a habit that you were trying to erase or alter. The whole cello is unfamiliar: including your habit! Now you can use it to your advantage and move forward with a heightened awareness and newness to your technique. I've taken an 8 month break from the cello before, back in college when the injury I had surgery for came back with a vengeance. I survived. So too, shall you!

    Keep going! This could be a good thing for you.


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