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  1. Of course, one could also say "Why sports people should love musicians." As a veteran of high school and college (Penn State) marching bands, I say the job of a good school marching band's job, in my opinion, is to provide unqualified support, gushing enthusiasm, and unabashed admiration for the school sports teams (often, but not always, football). Musicians are there to serve: to add spectacle and excitement to the event, and play (and sing) the fight song louder and better than the other team's band! Hail to the Lion….

  2. Hail to the Lion indeed! I think the teams love the band. I mean, the band gets to travel with them, they get to march all over the place at halftime, and at least at USC, they go over to where the band is and sing along at the end of a game. It's a pretty stirring experience. I will confess, perhaps at my geeked-out peril, that I listen to drum cadences sometimes before a big or dreaded event to get me going. 🙂

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