The top 10 lamest excuses I have ever heard for canceling a lesson or quitting altogether (now with retorts!)

10) It’s too hot. You don’t say! We live in the desert, in case you hadn’t noticed. 9) I’m, er…sick. (on the phone, with festive sounds in the background) You will be after the 7 vodka tonics you’re in the middle of ingesting. 8) I can’t find a parking space. Me neither. 7) Day after … Read more

A close call

Dear Friends, I lead a very good life. I would generally say that I am upbeat, resilient, and able to cope with the painful and stressful stimuli that present themselves to me from time to time. That is, until yesterday. You see, yesterday held in store for me something so awful, such a betrayal of … Read more

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