questions from the Twitterverse, part 2.

        Back for more, eh? Here are some additional questions from the Q&A on Twitter:   @CatePolacek asks: Oh, oh, can you explain the false string thing? […]

Sometimes the music looks back at you.

It’s been busy times in the stark raving life of your friendly neighborhood cellist. I suspect this will be one of the last blogs at this address: the whole shebang […]

Auditioning, “Oops” edition.

The audition pieces are chosen for very specific reasons. They want to see you hold down a sense of time when rushing is what feels good, they want to see […]


Ed: Now with more soundy sound! 

A close call

Dear Friends, I lead a very good life. I would generally say that I am upbeat, resilient, and able to cope with the painful and stressful stimuli that present themselves […]

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