vintage SRCB, part 2: practice makes perfect, if you survive

Post originally published 12 June, 2007 I wish I could send my adult students to music school, if only just for a week. Not to be inspired by the hours and hours of practice or the tide of talent that floods the halls every hour. No, I want them to witness the bizarre behavior of […]

vintage SRCB, part 1: knowing the signs

Post originally published 28 April, 2009.    Does this sound like you or anyone you know? Calloused hands, a closet full of full skirts and/or ‘comfy’ black pants, referring to people in strange code languages (“I was just thinking about GGP” “I can’t believe how long it’s been since I saw something new on CelloDonna’s […]

small change, big results: improving your practice, as illustrated by MXC

The goal of this series is to provide you with several small changes in approach, presented one at a time, that will streamline and improve your practice process, while also reminding you that MXC* was perhaps the only worthwhile programming ever to air on SpikeTV. View post on   Practicing can seem like an […]

holiday transition standoff, part 6: deliberation

  In the basement, a rare inter-seasonal meeting of S.N.O.W (Society of Neat Ornaments, Washington DC) convenes to determine the fate of Olivier and Sebastian. Put forth as evidence are the weapons used in the attempted assault on Piney, as well as eyewitness accounts from the cats, who saw the whole thing from the window […]

Lucy finds a computer

Bless her furry grey heart: Lucy’s been trying to email you guys. While I’m gigging like crazy and finishing up at Hopkins, she was hoping for some pen-pals to keep her company. Don’t tell her I know about her little scheme!  

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