It always starts out well. Big hair, fun lighting.

This is what always ends up happening.

Would you trust this woman with your cello lessons? Another shoot is scheduled for when I get back from the trip. Many thanks to Gillian Jackman, photographer extraordinaire.

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5 Responses

  1. Emily,

    At any point during the shoot, did your photographer extraordinaire:

    a) posit that you’re “a tiger,” and/or

    b) offer encouragement along the lines of “I love it! [then, with intensity]…Now make me hate it.”

    Because that’s what always happens during my photo shoots. [awkward silence]

    Your public hopes you’ll share more shots as they become available! (And I’ll regsiter my vote for another video and/or podcast lesson; I took away a lot from your power-packed Haydn video.)

  2. She did not, but I have done enough video shoots and the like (or accompanied friends to them) to know exactly what you mean!

    Make me hate it! hahaa!

  3. I would completely and totally take cello lessons from the woman in that second picture. Any teacher who takes me on *needs* a sense of humour.

    ~ Autumn

  4. Hmm. I may be inspired to post a few more out takes when I get them. 🙂

    Something that was interesting about the shoot: she had me take my glasses off for much of it (I put in contacts; I am just about legally blind in my left eye!) and I was shocked at the weirdo holding my cello. I know I was born with a non bespectacled face, but I live with glasses on.

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