Today’s SRCB is brought to you by the letter…

Ed: Back up and running! Go! Buy it now! A Modern Cellist’s Manual is temporarily unavailable: the spelling error (p. 44, fig. 59) was remedied by a complete re-upload of the content. Of course, when you mess with a 451MB file for a 2KB item, one begins to have these rhapsodic fantasies that the formatting […]


Ed: Now with more soundy sound! 


I’ve been secretive about book #2, but I suppose it won’t hurt to divulge the general idea: it’s a series of études for the repertoire, designed to help cellists on their first passes through some of the hallmark pieces . Remember the Élegie triplet clinic? (yes, I know it’s gone.  I’m waiting for someone to […]

the Amazon

While it does not net me nearly as much revenue as my beloved Lulu, it is pretty exciting to have my book offered on Amazon! I am working feverishly on the next text, which is not the sequel to AMCM. That one is coming down the pike in a year or so, I think. For […]


One of my students, upon receiving my book and inspecting it offered the following: “If you’d like a nicer cover, I’d be willing to help you.” Thanks. Thanks for that.

It lives!

Today, with trembling cursor and my trusty editor holding my hand via iChat, my first book, A Modern Cellist’s Manual was born. This book was the culmination of my experiences teaching mostly adults. Having largely rebooted my technique as a professional, the tribulations caused by these modifications were fresh in my mind, even ten years […]

Two years!

I am in the absolute throes of book finishing right now. I hope you are patient enough (and that this blog and my site have been compelling enough) to wait and see the transformation I have planned for the whole blog/site/store in the coming weeks. I have been blogging for 2 years, now. Cool. Ok, […]

working on the book

Aah, zee cello. Look how relaxed and peaceful she is when playing zuh second finger wis good techniques. Zut alors! It is ‘orrible, zis shape! Yes, I am actually going to put that second one in the book. 🙂 photos by Terami, renaissance woman.


When I originally submitted my manuscript to Oxford, I received a very cordial letter of not-quite rejection, not exactly acceptance. It praised the vibe of the book, the formatting, content, and even the images I selected. The editor suggested that I look at a particular trumpet book OUP had put out, and that if I […]

back in the saddle again

I really detest summer. Don’t get me wrong: I have all sorts of happy memories from the summer months, but the weather had nothing to do with the happiness. I actually had to forgive the memories of their hot weather and endless days in order to love them! We still have a good month of […]

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