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Ed: Back up and running! Go! Buy it now!
A Modern Cellist’s Manual is temporarily unavailable: the spelling error (p. 44, fig. 59) was remedied by a complete re-upload of the content. Of course, when you mess with a 451MB file for a 2KB item, one begins to have these rhapsodic fantasies that the formatting of the entire thing implodes when it hits the presses. Until I have a decent looking proof in my hands, I’m taking it off of the market. 
Many apologies to those of you who tried to stoke your bow. 

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5 Responses

  1. Just think, those of us who jumped in and got copies right away now have collector's items! I for one like the idea of stoking my bow. It's fun to imagine my bow with its own energy force field.

  2. Yes, but where does one shovel the coal into? I've tried to stoke my bow and can't fit nearly enough coal into it to make a difference. Then again, it IS a viola bow. Maybe cello bows are easier to stoke …

  3. I have NEVER seen a book that has been completely devoid of spelling errors. If you read carefully enough, you will almost always find one. The one exception may be fiction books that have been reprinted several tines. 🙂

    Taking one's book off the market may have been a bit too hard on yourself. Besides, there will likely be a second edition in a few years anyway.

  4. I only took it off the market to make sure the formatting wasn't completely wonky upon printing. With my luck, it would come back as

    A mode
    Rn Celli
    Sts Manua

    or something like that. 🙂

    And after I finish this paper, I'm going to finish the content on my next two books, which have been outlined since April!

  5. PS: Janis: I am certain that I have stoked my bow. Just yesterday when I was fighting with Don Juan, I saw sparks!

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