new podcast episode: what’s a professional musician, anyway? With Jeremy Boersma

Part of an ongoing series! Next one will feature two ladies who went to music school and fit the bill of “professional musician” but make most of their money doing other things. Why is the label important? Why is this stuff so fraught- for traditionally trained musicians as well as serious amateurs? We WILL figure … Read more

new podcast thingy

Originally posted 17 Nov 2007. Somewhere over the course of platform and server migrations, these podcasts have gotten lost: I think they may be on one of the external drives gathering dust on a shelf in the studio. Podcasts and in-depth videos take more time and energy than you’d think, but there seems to be … Read more

them there…

…is a new mini-podcast. Or, rather a picture of the player at the bottom of the page, where you can download the real thing. The great and talented Akihiko sugested the topic, and I am more than happy to oblige. It’s about the phenomenon of faltering during simple passages of a performance and possible causes … Read more

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