New podcast: cello turbo nerds, this one’s for you!

Sandra Halleran joins me for a deep dive into teaching and learning. She’s also new Tamarack Arts faculty, so you’ll be seeing her around this summer! Thanks to everyone who’s been listening, sharing, and giving feedback.

New podcast: David Aks and entry points to improvisation

David was my cello teacher for the last year and a half of my CSUN education, and before that, he coached me in chamber music, conducted the orchestra, led the opera pit ensemble, and taught my first two semesters of music theory. To say he has had an impact on my life is a wild […]

New podcast episode up NOW!

After a million years and so much change around here, allow me to present the next episode of Lonely Cello, featuring my best friend in the whole world, Cari Ann Souter. In between bouts of laughter and a few wild tangents, we mainly discuss the impact that music school had on us: sorting through the […]

Lonely Cello Podcast!

Now streaming, wherever you get your podcasts! In case you’re not a huge listener, you can also listen to it below! Huge thanks for Dr. Whitcomb for spending some time talking shop.

new podcast thingy

Originally posted 17 Nov 2007. Somewhere over the course of platform and server migrations, these podcasts have gotten lost: I think they may be on one of the external drives gathering dust on a shelf in the studio. Podcasts and in-depth videos take more time and energy than you’d think, but there seems to be […]

them there…

…is a new mini-podcast. Or, rather a picture of the player at the bottom of the page, where you can download the real thing. The great and talented Akihiko sugested the topic, and I am more than happy to oblige. It’s about the phenomenon of faltering during simple passages of a performance and possible causes […]

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