The real me.

Life Balance

Ask anyone who has ventured into the deep end of music teaching about how they balance performance and pedagogy, and you are bound to get all kinds of answers. In my own experience, I can candidly offer the following: There is absolutely no balance, at all. I got into teaching to make some extra money, […]

Report from the field

Day 2 (my last) of Cosi Fan Tutte: “some assembly required” is upon us. I spaced and forgot my USB cable, so none of the nicer real camera photos are going to be up until I get back to Brooklyn at the earliest. More likely, I’ll post them when I get back to MD. A couple […]

Last night’s gig

I played a benefit last night. These are my driving shoes. I got to sit next to these orchids, which I thought were the most beautiful thing! This art was donated for the event. They’ll never know. Practice hours played, .6. My cello was the first to notice the obscene statue that I played in […]

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