I played a benefit last night. These are my driving shoes.

I got to sit next to these orchids, which I thought were the most beautiful thing!

This art was donated for the event.

They’ll never know. Practice hours played, .6.

My cello was the first to notice the obscene statue that I played in front of the whole time. You can’t tell, but it’s blushing.

It’s worth all of the dorky teasing/pick up lines female cellists have to endure (Heh heh, wow, how do you have to sit to play that thing, etc.) to get to wear a kick-ass dress. Again, with the weird statue.

The view from the Oviatt building. I like downtown because it’s older. I mean, I revel in Alexandria, VA because there are still original 1700s cobblestone streets! But where I live, a place is old if it’s from the 60s. The whole of downtown Los Angeles is Art Deco, and it makes me feel more grounded.

More on the organization who hosted the gala here.

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11 Responses

  1. LOL On the practice… one of the teachers I tried out very many years ago told me that she walked into a restaurant in response to a ‘musician wanted’ sign. They hired her on the spot and wanted her to play then and there for the dinner rush. Se had Schroeder with her. so she played it. They never knew otherwise. And hey, if you can make etudes sound like music, you know you’re doing somethign right!

  2. I'm amazed that you can play with those fabulous earrings! I can only wear posts when I play. (Love the dress!) (You really played Schroeder??)

  3. LA can be a paradise, but it is full of amazing cellists and an ever dwindling number of jobs. I have plans here into the early winter, but I my eyes are set eastward. Fig Newton, however, would fit in nicely here among the hipsters. They too have a large head to small body proportion.

  4. Anne: I have spent a lot of time there. Up until this year, my aunt and uncle lived there and I would visit them almost every summer, along with my friends in Baltimore. There is just something special about that whole Potomac area. Still looking for jobs there… 🙂

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