It’s been busy times in the stark raving life of your friendly neighborhood cellist. I suspect this will be one of the last blogs at this address: the whole shebang is going to move over to my big site. But more on that later.

I’m relishing the end of the school year by practicing like a maniac. I get sideways looks from manicurists who desperately want to have a go at the calloused nightmares that are my fingertips. Personally, I find working hands beautiful, but again, that’s for another blog. Anyway, I’ve been working on some original music, a piece written by David Smooke, as well as the eternally cool Cassado solo sonata.

I was excavating the bottom of the page here when I noticed the two fermata “eyes” staring back at me, replicating the oh s***! that goes through one’s mind just at that moment. In my psychotic practice depravity, I burst out laughing and could not stop for about 3 minutes.

I mean look! Look! (click to enlarge)

They’re totally watching you.

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