Originally posted 5 July 2007. This brings back so many memories! One of these students, Jeremy Boersma, is now a professional cellist with a bustling studio of his own and a busy performance schedule. Look him up if you’re in LA. Another, Austin Shaw, completed a music degree at USC (Go Trojans!) and splits his time between performing and working as a sound engineer. He came through DC last year, and my heart was swollen with pride (and affection) to see him succeed. I still heart my students.

Sigh. This recital marks some milestones for my studio and the wonderful students in it. For some, I am fairly certain, it will be the last time I see them, as the pressures of Real Life make the required hours of practice impossible. For others, it will be their first solo performance since a traumatic experience in their youth. Still others are battling injuries and confidence issues. Recitals are funny that way. If they don’t mean something big going in, they end up that way once they’re done. The departing students have little way of knowing that while this recital may be their cello swan song, my fondness for them and admiration for their work has no end.

Bravi, in advance.

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  1. how long is the event suppose to be? I’ve never been to one but it would be cool to attend one.

  2. I suspect that the recital will last until about 5. We usually play for about an hour and then celebrate. The last few recitals, we have had wine and cheese picnic style food, but for this one, we’re going Ghetto Fabulous with pizza and Chianti. Maybe even a buffalo wing or two. I tell my nervous students that it’s actually a party and cello just happens!

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