Idyllwild Arts

Originally posted 1 Aug 2007. I think about things I learned at Idyllwild every single day. I hope I have not spent my last summer up among the dusty cedars and A-frame cabins. On Friday, I drove up Mt. San Jacinto to the lovely mountain town of Idyllwild, where I went for pretty much all […]

an army of cellists

I had a session today for a film whose composer had the genius concept to score the whole movie…..with cellos and basses. 28 cellos! It was nice to hear the sound, of course, but it was also a great hang with some of the top players in LA that I am lucky enough to know. […]

I heart my students

Originally posted 5 July 2007. This brings back so many memories! One of these students, Jeremy Boersma, is now a professional cellist with a bustling studio of his own and a busy performance schedule. Look him up if you’re in LA. Another, Austin Shaw, completed a music degree at USC (Go Trojans!) and splits his […]

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