It’s quite simple. It starts with actual cello playing and teaching, which remarkably takes away from blogging. Then add in some college football, possible moving plans, and the beginnings of Holiday Mania. Finish with a completely non cello related video, and that’s about it. A not so cello blog.

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  1. Hey, Penn State, my alma mater, is in the Rose Bowl. Hail to the Lion!

    As a marching band member, I went to many a football game, including the Cotton Bowl and the Sugar Bowl, but I certainly used to hope for the Rose Bowl.

  2. didn’t you move a few months ago, when you left Grey behind? I hate moving… just got done last Sunday. My awesome new apt. is now full of trash bags and boxes full of items needing to be put away. I’ve decided my next move will be a final one (a house, hopefully!)

    I am so excited though! I get to vacation in CA in late December 🙂

  3. Terry: I am so happy for Joe Pa. What a tremendous team, and legend of a coach. We Trojans are actually kind of hoping for another bowl, my two reasons being

    1) I don’t want to beat Joe Pa. I want them to be completely victorious this season!

    2) I would like to play an SEC or Big 12 team to quiet the outrageous smack talk about USC. If we can’t have a playoff or be in the National Championship game (Alabama, Florida, Texas really do look deserving), let’s have a real inter-conference throwdown!

    Maybe you can still be in the Rose Bowl with your cello….


    Yes we did move, but there might be another one coming up soon. Will keep you posted. Have a great vacation out here!

  4. Thanks. It’s been a dream for way too long. I miss the palm trees in FL. but really can’t go back there.

    So I’m kind of confused regarding what kind of clothes to pack. Does it get cold in CA? If so, like 60 degrees cold or more like 30 degrees?

    Sorry, my questions NEVER end 🙂

  5. It will be cool, but not cold. Jeans, a shirt, and a sweater should do you just fine. Or, if you’re coming to the valley you can wear the “uniform”: thermal shirt, fancy designer sweats (I know, only in LA), uggs, and a full face of makeup. Then don’t use your turn signals, jump the line at Peet’s coffee, and say “like” every other word while not really saying anything at all. Presto! SoCal Camouflage.

  6. Haha, thanks for the chuckle. I’d never resort to uggs, thermal, or caking on makeup, so no SoCal Camouflage for me 🙂 Oh I am so excited! San Francisco, LA (though I’m kind of dreading LA), the beaches. Woo. I hope I really like it there so I can look forward to moving out of this state! Thanks, btw.

  7. Moon, I didn’t catch where you are coming from, but I think you might find it colder here in CA than you expect. Especially in San Francisco (“The City”) the wind can be vicious. Also, it can rain, especially up there.

    The thing that stuck me about CA weather when the Navy sent me out here 33 years ago is there can be a lot of variation within a single day. Here, the days can be warm, especially when the wind comes out from the desert, but the nights can be quite cold when that damp wind comes roaring in off the ocean.

    In the East, people get by with just a huge overcoat, boots, scarf, and regular indoor clothes under that. That doesn’t quite work so well here, where we live more outside, even in Winter. Layers, instead. So bring the thermal underwear, so you can look cool and still be warm.

    You’re no doubt too young to remember, but there’s a reason for the lyrics: “Hates California, too cold and too damp. That’s why the lady is a tramp.” She would’ve been near SF and the ocean.

  8. Terry, thanks for the advice. I’m coming from the East Coast, DE. Winter has come early (or stronger, I should say). Usually it snows in late December/early Jan., but we got light morning slow, 3 days in a row, 2 weeks ago. It really sinks in how cold it is when you get in your car in the morning and the display reads “28 degrees”. So, brrrr!

    I usually wear a shirt, sweatshirt, and a windbreaker, though I’ve shed off the windbreaker this week.

    Thermal underwear? Haha, never… I will keep your advice in my head when I start packing next week. Thanks!

    I feel like I’m taking over Emily’s blog, I apologize. If anyone has any “must-see” spots for a first time CA visitor, please let me know 🙂

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