I laughed so hard at this, mainly because I use a BlackBerry and all my friends send me garbled emails and texts from their iPhones.

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  1. Unrelated, but NPR reminds me, listen to last Sunday’s SOF if you didn’t catch it (speakingoffaith.org): Rachel Naomi Remen. Powerful, thought-provoking stuff, especially for an oldster like me.

  2. I’ll check it out. I technically subscribe to the podcast, but rarely catch them anywhere outside of my car. Thanks T!

  3. See, this is a huge suprise! Never having met you Emily, I still (thru browsing your website, pics, blog, etc…) have developed a mental picture of you and your lifestyle, and in that picture there are NO BLACKBERRIES! Way too techie for my image of you Emily! But obviously, my image is way off! lol

  4. I’m with Brian on this one. How very techie of you, Emily. I’ve always wondered why people feel the need for one..? (No offense). Do you need to check your email often enough, on the go?

    I’m surrounded by too many computers 😐

  5. Oh lord. When you have 20something students, it’s great to have your calendar linked to your email linked to your phone. I love the thing, and actually text like a demon. How’s that for you preconceived notions?

  6. Go Emily! “When you have 20something students…” Ummm, aren’t you a late 20something yourself? 😛

    I text like a demon using m;y LG env. I love that phone. Blackberries and iPhones are a bit too much IMO, but go you!

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