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  1. I vote more censorship than maturity. Society needs a place that serves the purpose of confession. The internet used to be that place, but now it is harder to be anonymous. There are too many connections to offend.

    For instance, I needed to rein in my innocent yet pseudo-flirtatious activities on facebook once more of my relatives added me as friends.

  2. I guess that’s where my quandary is: being a little guarded about ones thoughts is usually smart. “You can’t un-ring the bell”, right? But I find people respond well when I am honest about my experiences. I get about one email a month from someone thanking me for opening up. But I know that the pro music circuit goes on word of mouth, and my candor is like a loaded gun, just waiting to shoot me in the foot. Or the wallet.

    Not that you asked, but I am on the side of your relatives about that FB nonsense. My ex started off innocuously enough but things spiraled completely out of control. You know you’re in trouble when you tell even one miniscule/white lie or “fail to mention” something. Best to live cleanly, as if your partner and family were privy to everything. Unless you’re planning a surprise party. Then secrets are ok, for a while.

  3. Yes – it does get out of control, and I’m all in favor of restraint.

    As to your point, no birthday celebrations until September. I think I can stay clean until then 🙂

  4. Funny that you mention that one can’t unring a bell – yet I have trouble keeping my stopped strings ringing as long as I’d like!

  5. My birthday is Oct 18th, just so you can start planning. Oh, and get Cello Muser’s wife to make me an amazing cello cake, like she made for him. 🙂 I wish!

  6. And per agreement to keep things clean, I will let my wife in on the plans.

    Now if you happen to be planning a Northeast USA teaching tour that time of year, that’s another matter entirely!

  7. Ah…yes…the whole idea of saying too much has sloooowwweeddd down my blogging a lot. I want to share neat stuff from my life, but sometimes it won’t make sense if I don’t drop a name and then …how did I know a fired US Attorney would actually read my blog? And then I think cello won’t get me into trouble…but then what if I say…too much, not enough…and someone takes it all wrong????

    I’m so afraid I’ll think I’m being true and kind…and then someone takes something all wrong.

  8. This may be one of the reasons I don’t blog – I really would have a hard time not treating it like a private diary and writing with all the candor and honesty associated with diary scribing. There’s an expression – “the truth will set you free”, but I think the person that made that one up wasn’t a bloggeer, eh?

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